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Midway Sewer was started by Don Nolin and after a few years his nephew, Rich Borg, came on as a partner and a few years later bought the company from his Uncle. Rich worked at his company for many years until it grew big enough to where he managed the daily operations from the office. In recent years, Rich's nephew Kyle came on to eventually buy out Rich and continue to run the company. Midway Sewer purchased a few other companies throughout the years, Deluca Sewer Service and Katzmarek Pumping. The names of Deluca and Katzmarek have slowly faded out through the years and all combined into Midway Sewer. After a year of Kyle running daily operations, he asked his cousin Shannon, Rich's daughter, to come on as a partner in taking the company over and do all the bookkeeping and managing the day to day tasks. Although Rich continues to be the sole owner and CEO of Midway Sewer, he has passed on the daily operations to his nephew Kyle who is President and daughter Shannon who is Vice President. From the start of Midway Sewer until the present day, the company has been run by the same family for over 32 years and although some employees have come and gone, we still strive for the same customer satisfaction. This is all we do, and we do it well!


Don Nolin – Founder
Business started 1977. 

Rich Borg – CEO
Started March 1980. 

Kyle Borg – President
Started July 2010. 

Shannon Borg – Vice President
Started August 2011. 


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